May 19 – May 25, 2014 Defenders’ Weekly: A Buddhist disciple of Vietnamese Unified Buddhist Congregation committed suicide by self-immolation.


Defend the Defenders | May 27, 2014

[themify_box style=”blue info rounded” ]May 18 peaceful protesters were arrested, beaten, insulted and confiscated their belongings. Oversea and domestic Vietnamese civil society groups, including Vietnam Inter-religious Council, Hoa Hao Buddhist Congregation, and BPSOS objected to the persecution. On May 20, domestic civil society groups took part in the UPR seminar by the delegations of EU, USA, Canada and Australia… in Hanoi. A Buddhist disciple committed suicide by setting fire to herself. Ms. Tran Thuy Nga along with her two sons was so brutally beaten. Being beaten by hooligans ordered by police made her arm and leg bones broken . And notable news as follows:[/themify_box]


Bloggers were assaulted in police station

Police released participants in the May 18 peaceful protest over 24 hours after arrests. While they were demonstrating, police forces broke into protesting rabble, beat and took protesters to district 1 police station.

In the police station, police continued to beat and reviled protesters. Also, police officers checked all documents saved in smartphones and laptops without owners’ permissions intruding on information privacy.

After more 24 hours interrogating, young protesters insisted on their innocence and refused to sign any interrogation reports. At 7 PM, May 19, all protesters were released in exhaustion and starvation.


Bị đánh đập đe dọa khi biểu tình ôn hòa chống Trung Quốc


Civil society groups took part in UPR seminar in Hanoi

On May 20, 2014, civil society groups in Vietnam participated in the seminar “The Universal Periodic Review process: sharing international experiences” by EU delegation.

About 60 delegates of EU delegation, US, Canadian and Australian Embassy as well as representatives of civil society such as: Vietnamese Women for Human Rights, Civil Society Forum, Hội Bau Bi Tuong Than and the Network of Vietnamese bloggers.

The focus of the seminar is to share international experiences in promoting Human Rights in Vietnam, thereby advancing Human rights situation in Vietnam and prospering Vietnam itself.

At the end of the seminar, representatives of civil society groups rendered a joint letter of 15 CSOs to the delegates of EU, Australia, Canada and USA… The content of the letter consists of 10 overall suggestions asking UPR partners states for overlooking human rights practice of Vietnamese authorities in next four years.

PRESS RELEASE: International experiences at the UN Human Rights Council shared in Vietnam

THÔNG CÁO BÁO CHÍ: Kinh nghiệm quốc tế tại Hội đồng nhân quyền LHQ được chia sẻ ở Việt Nam


Inter-religious Council spoke out on the crackdown of anti-China protests and the harassment of Hoa Hao Buddhists

On May 20, 2014, Vietnam Inter-religious Council objected to the May 18 suppression of anti-China protests and Hoa Hao Buddhists

The Council conceived that:

– The call of peaceful protests by 20 civil society organizations, including Vietnam Inter-religious Council urging Vietnamese people to demonstrate their patriotism and objection to China’s aggressive action, is morally right and legitimate.

– Yet Vietnamese authorities insulted religious dignitaries and disciples and intruded on freedom of travel.

– The communist Vietnamese authorities got down on its knees in front of Chinese ones, but mal treated cruelly its citizens

The Council:

– Strongly objected to unacceptable actions aiming at religious dignitaries and disciples as well as other protesters.
– Requetsed the authorities for respecting the rights to peaceful demonstration, maintaining public order and security during such protests, and rightly punishing individuals and organizations abusing protests to hold riots and vandalism.
– Asked police forces to stop using vilolence while arresting and detaining citizens.


BPSOS addressed the US Department of State about the arrests of protesters

On May 18, BPSOS rendered a report to the Department of State and UN Special Rapportuer of the right of freedom of peaceful assembly and association. On May 20, BPSOS submitted the second report with additional information from many sources in Vietnam.

According to Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang, the reports will provide to USA and the world with an overview on human rights violations in Vietnam.

 BPSOS addressed the US Department of State about the arrests of protesters


Blogger Le Anh Hung sent a petition to public security Minister Tran Dai Quang and Representative Duong Trung Quoc

Seven days after Ms. Le Thi Phuong Anh (Anh Hung’s wife) arrested in Dong Nai province, police forces still refuse to apprise of the situation of Le Thi Phuong Anh yet. Mr. Le Anh Hung appealed to Minister of public security Tran Dai Quang and Representative Duong Trung Quoc to release Phuong Anh.

According to Mr. Hung, the cause of Phuong Anh’s arrest is that she accused vice prime minister Hoang Trung Hai, prime minister Nguyen Tan Dung and former general secretary of the Communist party of Vietnam Nong Duc Manh of some crimes.

He called on civil society groups for raising theirs voices to protect his wife. Because he considered that her high-ranking leader accusations of corruption and collusion is not only legitimate interest of citizens but also contribute to preventing fraudulent bargains between Vietnam and China Communist parties.




Hoa Hao Buddhist Congregation continued to call for demonstrating every Sunday

During the May 15 anti – China protest, many protesters were assaulted and arrested.

Mr. Le Quang Liem (Head of Vietnam Hoa Hao Buddhist congregation) issued a call for demonstrating every Sunday.

He said: “ Sunday is the protesting day. Protesting peacefully is the fundamental right according the resolution of UN Human rights Council in which Vietnam is a partner.

Hoa Hao Buddhist Congregation continued to call for demonstrating every Sunday


Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh was collectively denounced in prison

On May 17, 2014, jailers held a meeting denouncing pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh in front of all fellow prisoners for threatening individuals intenting to resist.

According to the pastor’s telling, he was reviled and insulted because he along with his fellow prisoners fought for improving on detetion condition and diet in prison. But his friends were threatened to condemn him for enticing them.

Pastor Nguyen Hoang Hoa, General Secretary of Vietnamese Lutheran Church, have just sent an urgent announcement on the traumatization of Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh in prison.

The annoucement said: “So far even though pastor Chinh is detained, he have not been prosecuted and sentenced by an official verdict yet”

Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh was collectively denounced in prison

A woman set fire to herself in front of Independence Palace to oppose China aggression

At 6 am, on May 23, 2014, a woman committed suicide by setting fire to herself in front of Independence Palace, in Saigon. She was identified as Le Thi Tuyet Mai – Head of Buddhist families (Vietnamese Unified Buddhist Congregation- a religious organization prohibited from 1975)

A 5 liter gas can and seven anti-China banners were found on the scene. The motive of the action is alleged misery and protestation against China.

Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh was collectively denounced in prison

Prisoner of conscience Vo Thu Thuy condemned jailers for Human rights violations at Jail 5-Thanh Hoa

On May 23, PoC Vo Thu Thuy apprised former PoC Nguyen Trung Ton of Human rights violations at Jail 5-Thanh Hoa to report to international Human rights organizations.

From her cell, she informed of many prisoners’ corruption for their own sake of circumventing sentences, labour and disciplines. These prisoners unconcealedly exchange prohibited commodities in prison, beat and extort money from one another.

For prisoners of conscience like Ms. Ho Thi Bich Khuong, they are constantly beaten, maltreated and traumatized. A woman jailer once beat, withhold food from, banned from washing and taking bath and confined solitarily Ho Thi Bich Khuong.

Prisoner of conscience Vo Thu Thuy condemned jailers for Human rights violations at Jail 5-Thanh Hoa


Hanoi police forces banned blogger Nguyen Chi Tuyen from abroad travel

At 22pm, May 24, in spite of finishing necessary procedures, Noi Bai airport police forces prevented blogger Nguyen Chi Tuyen from travelling abroad by ordered by public security minister due to alleged security cause.

It is known that Nguyen Chi Tuyen would fly to Sweeden to participate in Stockholm Internet Forum – SIF 2014 at the invitation of by Swedish Embassy located in Hanoi.

Nguyen Chi Tuyen is a blogger, human rights activist and a member of the group known as No-U FC. He has actively taken part in anti-China protests and helped many petitioners in Hanoi.

Hanoi police forces banned blogger Nguyen Chi Tuyen from abroad travel


Dozens of police assaulted Ms. Tran Thuy Nga and her two sons.

In the afternoon of May 25, 2014, while Tran Thuy Nga was carrying her two sons on a scooter across Thanh Tri district, Hanoi, five strangers blocked and push the motorbike making them fall. After that these people used metal tubes beating her.

She was taken to Agriculture Hospital, Thanh Tri district. Doctors concluded that her arm and patellar bones got broken and she also suffered some other injuries.

Tran Thi Nga is a member of Vietnamese Women for Human rights. She actively takes part in charity Human rights defending activities as well as anti-China protests. Thus, police have frequently arrested, beat, detained, traumatized her and confiscated her belongings.

Ms Tran Thi Nga was beaten up savagely by undercover policemen pretending to be gang members

Thành viên hội PNNQVN – Trần Thị Nga – bị “côn đồ” đánh trọng thương

Summary by Chau Van Thi.

Translation by [rollinglinks]Huynh Thuc Vy[/rollinglinks]