Vietnam Human Rights Defenders’ Weekly Feb 23-March 01: Blogger Dieu Cay Plans to Challenge Vietnam’s Government in European Human Rights Court

Defenders’ Weekly | Mar 01, 2015


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Human rights activist Nguyen Van Hai (aka Dieu Cay) has planned to bring Vietnam’s government to the European Court for Human Rights to demand basic human rights for Vietnamese.

On Feb 25, the Amnesty International issued 2014 Annual Report on human rights situation globally.

Representatives of the Vietnam Inter-religious Council visited and congratulated new year to religious clerks.

Families members of death-sentenced Ho Duy Hai on Feb 28 came to visit him in prison but the prison’s authorities refused them to meet him without giving proper reasons

and a number of other news.



Blogger Dieu Cay Plans to Challenge Vietnam’s Government in European Human Rights Court

Human rights activist Nguyen Van Hai (aka Dieu Cay) has planned to bring Vietnam’s government to the European Court for Human Rights to demand basic human rights for Vietnamese.

Mr. Hai, co-founder of the Independent Journalists Club and once mentioned by President Barack Obama in his speech for press freedom, was freed last year and was forced to live in exile, shared his feeling to spend his first time of new year festival after seven years in prison.

Vietnamese in the U.S. have tried to keep Vietnamese traditions, he noted.

He said he will fight for basic rights for people in the home country, especially the right for press freedom and freedom of expression.

VOA: Blogger Điếu Cày định đưa chính phủ VN ra tòa Nhân quyền Châu Âu


U.S. will Raise Issue of Religious Freedom in Vietnam: Newly Accredited Ambassador Saperstein

David N. Saperstein, U.S.’s newly-accredited ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom and the first chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, said he will not remain silent on violations of religious freedom

Speaking at a swearing-in ceremony in the U.S. Department of State, he said “But through too many tragedies we have learned firsthand the cost of universal – to universal rights, security, and wellbeing of religious communities when good people remain silent in the face of persecution.”

Ambassador Saperstein  plans to visit Vietnam in May.

Macsong: Hoà Kỳ sẽ đẩy mạnh vấn đề tự do tôn giáo với Việt Nam


Severe Restrictions on Freedoms of Expression, Association and Peaceful Assembly Continued in Vietnam: Amnesty International

In its report in 2014 released on Feb 25 for human rights situation in the world, the Amnesty International stated that Vietnam continues to impose severe restriction on freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly.

According to AI, 2014 was very bad for millions of people victims of violence. Regarding Vietnam, it noted that the communist government has continued to maintain severe restrictions on freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly. The state continued to control the media and the judiciary, as well as political and religious institutions. Scores of prisoners of conscience remained imprisoned in harsh conditions after unfair trials in previous years. They included bloggers, labor and land rights activists, political activists, religious followers, members of ethnic groups and advocates for human rights and social justice.1 New arrests and trials of bloggers and human rights activists took place. The authorities attempted to curtail the activities of unauthorized civil society groups through harassment, surveillance and restrictions on freedom of movement. Security officers harassed and physically attacked peaceful activists, and held them in short-term detention. The death penalty was retained for a wide range of offences.

An Amnesty International delegation visited Vietnam for official meetings in February. During his visit in July, the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief found evidence of serious violations, including police raids, disruption of religious ceremonies, beatings and assaults of members of independent religious groups. Some individuals he was due to meet were subject to intimidation, harassment and surveillance by security officials.

RFI: Ân xá Quốc tế : Việt Nam vẫn hạn chế nghiêm ngặt quyền tự do ngôn luận


Representatives of Vietnam Inter-religious Council Visit and Congratulate New Year to Religious Clerks

On Feb 22, Venerable Thich Khong Tanh, co-president of the Steering Committee of the Vietnam Inter-religious Council, visited Pastors Nguyen Manh Hung and Le Quang Du and other clerks of the Chuong Bo Protestant Church of the Mennonite Church on the occasion of the New Lunar Year festival or Tet.

On the same day, Venerable Tanh and Pastors Hung and Du visited Mr. Le Quang Liem of Hoa Hao Buddhist Church, who is also co-president of the Steering Committee of the Vietnam Inter-religious Council.

They also visited some Buddhist followers in the southern province of Vinh Long.

VRNs: Hội đồng Liên tôn Việt Nam thăm và chúc Tết chức sắc các tôn giáo


Four More Montannargs Deported by Cambodia

Authorities of Cambodia’s eastern province of Ratanakkiri have deported additional four Vietnamese Montannargs.

Mr. Chhay Thy, coordinator of Human Rights body Adhoc in Ratanakkiri, strongly condemned the Cambodian act, saying the Cambodian authorities deported Vietnamese refugees without interviewing why they want to seek political asylum.

The deport is an act violating the right of refugees to seek for asylum and disrespect UN Convention on Refugees, he said.

Human rights bodies acknowledged that there at least four other Vietnamese Montannargs hiding in Phnom Penh while dozens others are hiding in remote areas in Ratanakkiri.

VOA: Thêm 4 người Thượng Việt Nam bị Campuchia trục xuất


Independent Journalist Association of Vietnam Promotes for Law on Demonstration

On Feb 26, unsanctioned Independent Journalist Association of Vietnam, which fights for press freedom in Vietnam, issued a statement calling Vietnamese to promote issuance of Law on Demonstration. They also proposed a draft law on demonstration and urged Vietnamese people to sign.

However, a number of activists said they will not support the law on demonstration since the right to demonstration and assembly is enshrined in the 2013 Constitution. Vietnam’s Law on Demonstration could limit the right to demonstration and assembly, said blogger Nguyen Hoang Vi, so she will not support any effort to build such a law.

RFA: Hội Nhà báo Độc lập vận động cho Luật biểu tình


Activist  Walks Across Vietnam to Collect Books for Children

Mr. Nguyen Quang Thach, founder of civil library system (Civilizing Vietnam Rural Areas), is conducting walking though the country in a bid to raise fund for buying books for children in rural areas.

During the past eight years, Thach has built thousands of village-level libraries across the nation.

In 2010, he set up a non-government organization named Center for Knowledge Promotion and Community Development which is under supervising of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association (VUSTA). He refused a high-income job to devote to providing books for children in remote and poor areas.

VOA: Nhà hoạt động khiếm thị đi bộ xuyên Việt để quyên sách cho trẻ em


Long An Police Refuse Family Members to Meet Death-sentenced Ho Duy Hai

On Feb 28, three members of the family of death-sentenced Ho Duy Hai went to Long An province-based prison to meet him, however, the prison’s authorities refused although the Ministry of Public Security’s General Department 8 which supervises all prisons, said the refusal is violation of the country’s law.

Hai’s family has sent complain to the Ministry of Public Security.

Hai was unfairly sentenced to death. He also complained that he was tortured by police officers during interrogation.

VRNs: Tại sao công an Long An không cho tử tù Hồ Duy Hải gặp gia đình, dù luật buộc phải cho?